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Electric City Bikes in Torre del Mar
  • Ghost E-Teru y Universal EQ
    Ghost E-Teru y Universal EQ
    Comfortable on the road on a day-to-day basis, with an e-bike that doesn't have to fear any curb. The E-Teru is based on the robust geometry of a mountain bike, but you can get on and off it comfortably thanks to the low top tube. Comprehensive road equipment, rugged components and high-quality Yamaha engine make it a universal companion for shopping, commuting and weekend excursions.
  • Riese&Muller Charger 3 Mixte Vario
    Riese&Muller Charger 3 Mixte Vario
    The Charger3 Mixte is built for comfort with a suspension seat-post and a riding position that will keep your posture balanced for those longer rides, the Mixte referes to the lower top tube for an easier step over height and shorter distance between the saddle and handlebars. What makes this bike different to the other Charger3's is it's Enviolo gearing system, which is continually variable instead of standard derailleur, or electronic Rohloff. It's quiet, low maintenance and can be adjusted when stationary - great for stopping and starting a lot in the city.
  • Riese&Muller Nevo4 GT Touring
    Riese&Muller Nevo4 GT Touring
    The Nevo4. A sports for day to day. Sporty design and high level of comfort: The Nevo4 is the companion that never fails you in everyday life. The unmistakable low-step frame design allows for comfortable, sporty handling in any situation. The powerful Performance Line CX motor and fully integrated 625 Wh battery allow you to go anywhere safely. Longer rides will be no problem thanks to the optional 750 Wh battery.
  • Riese&Muller Charger 4
    Riese&Muller Charger 4
    The Charger4 has it all to provide maximum fun as a daily bike. Thanks to a fully integrated 750 Wh battery, it accompanies you on all your daily journeys and beyond. With the new Bosch system you will always be one step ahead and, thanks to the integrated cockpit with Kiox 300 display and LED Remote, you will never get out of the way. In fact, even if you get out, the powerful headlight with permanent dipped-beam light will help you get back on track.
  • Riese&Müller Delite GT Touring
    Riese&Müller Delite GT Touring
    The Delite can handle any challenge: long excursions, getting to and from work, rugged forest tracks or steep climbs. Its exceptional finishes, Riese & Müller Control Technology and the powerful fourth-generation Bosch Performance engine combined with a battery power of up to 625 Wh, offer absolute freedom and flexibility. You impose fate. The Delite, new guidelines.
  • Riese&Muller Tinker
    Riese&Muller Tinker
    It takes you around the city every day overcoming challenges without stopping. Traffic jams at rush hour, full buses and trains, moving very heavy luggage... its compact frame can handle everything. The Tinker can be carried by public transport, loaded up the stairs or quickly put in the car without any problem.
  • Riese&Müller UBN Seven Touring
    Riese&Müller UBN Seven Touring
    Riese & Müller launches Urban Line, a new, standalone product line developed to meet the needs of daily mobility in cities. The first Urban Line models are the UBN Five and the UBN Seven, both with Fazua's Ride 60 electrical system.
  • Riese&Muller Supercharger GT Touring HS
    Riese&Muller Supercharger GT Touring HS
    The Riese & Muller Supercharger Gt Touring Hs? ? Equipped with powerful Bosch engines of last generation, a comfortable set-up designed for long distances and the DualBattery with the incredible power of 1,250 Wh, it does not ask for anything better than traveling, traveling and traveling, possibly fast, far and without long pauses. , giving you all the freedom? 
  • Riese&Muller UBN Six
    Riese&Muller UBN Six
    The UBN Six eases you into urban riding. Ride effortlessly from A to B, thanks to the lightweight and silent Fazua Ride 60 drive system, and comfortably get on and off, thanks to its low step-through. With its ease of operation and wealth of connectivity features, the UBN Six is setting totally new technical benchmarks in the E-Bike world.
  • Winora Yucatan X12 Pro
    Winora Yucatan X12 Pro
    The new WINORA Yucatan X12 PRO: ideal for playing sports with friends, commuting to work and discovering new territories on occasional long trips. With its completely revised frame design, this hiking eBike is a real spectacle that also has high-quality equipment: Simano Deore XT gears and Deore disc brakes, a frame with 100 mm RockShox Recon suspension as well as a powerful Yamaha PW-X3 motor with 85 Nm of torque and a 750 Wh battery. Together, these components offer everything you need for both short city adventures and longer trips with luggage. The dropper post and ergonomic grips ensure a perfect seating position, and the luggage rack allows you to store what you need on the go. The Yucatan X12 PRO is available as a low frame or as a diamond frame in many different frame sizes, including smaller ones.
  • Riese&Muller Swing Automatic
    Riese&Muller Swing Automatic
    A Dutch bicycle that is no longer satisfied with riding around the city. The Swing is fireproof on outings, through valleys and mountains. The smooth ride of the powerful Bosch motor is at its best when combined with the highly sensitive telescopic fork and suspension seat post. And how could it be otherwise in any self-respecting Dutch bicycle, it has baskets adapted to the handlebar and the luggage rack.
  • Riese&Muller Roadster
    Riese&Muller Roadster
    Sporty, light and straight: with the Roadster you will reach your destination in no time and you will enjoy the journey doubly when you decide to take a detour thanks to the 625 Wh battery capacity. Optimal weight distribution gives it great agility and safe maneuverability at all times.
  • Riese&Muller UBN Five
    Riese&Muller UBN Five
    The UBN Five is the ideal bike for the city with which you will not have to give up anything. Fazua's lightweight and quiet Ride 60 drive system will allow you to travel anywhere effortlessly while enjoying a dynamic driving experience at all times. Innovative handling and numerous connectivity features place it at the forefront of technology. The UBN Five sets new standards in the world of E-Bikes thanks to a comprehensive connection.

An electric bicycle is a type of electrical vehicle consisting of a bicycle to which an electric motor is coupled to help it advance. Power is supplied by a rechargeable battery. Its autonomy ussually ocsilattes between 30 and 60 km.

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